Men’s Shed

Over the past few years, more and more Men’s Sheds have been introduced around Australia.  These Sheds provide members with an opportunity to forge new friendships, share knowledge and learn new skills in a positive and encouraging environment.

In 2017, JewishCare WA, with support from LotteryWest and the Maurice Zeffert Home, opened a Men’s Shed in Dianella for the Jewish and general community.

Our Men’s Shed is for woodworkers and handymen of every level – from budding beginners to seasoned craftsmen looking to hone their skills.

The Shed operates three times a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Men’s Shed Activities

From restoring old furniture to building items for charity and working on personal projects – the Men’s Shed provides a range of enjoyable and social activities.

Who Can Join?

JewishCare WA’s Men Shed is for any man with spare time on his hands who likes the idea of participating in workshop activities in the company of other like-minded guys.


For more information, please contact Shed’s President, Phil Samuell  on 9275 2244 or by email to find out more