Cyberspace Safety for Kids

Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace

The internet presents children and young people with a variety of benefits. From social networking to chatting and even gaming, young people can now easily connect with people around the world.

And it seems a new social network or chat programme is developed every minute. While young people are typically savvy with new technology, it can be more difficult for parents to stay ahead.

Confusing jargon and seemingly endless technical developments leave many parents feeling overwhelmed, fearful or even resigned towards technology.

So how can parents stay ahead? Family and Relationships Australia provide the following tips for keeping your child safe in cyberspace.

  • Don’t wait for your child to bring up issues – like sex education; many parents don’t like to broach the topic of cyber safety until it is brought up. The problem is that many children won’t.
  • Stay up to date – as difficult as it may seem, it is important to understand current technology trends. By knowing the risks your child faces, you can better manage and assess them.
  • Keep electronic equipment out of the bedroom at night – studies show that having electronic devices in a child’s bedroom disturbs sleep patterns and reduces sleep.
  • Get talking – speak to other parents about how they deal with the same situation in their home. You may discover some useful tips which could help.
  • Be reasonable – studies indicate that a child’s usage pattern changes with skill and age. Consider the age of your child when setting boundaries.

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